Another lifestyle brand.
But this one's for your pets.

Why should people have all the fun?

ditto presents


It's flaan with two a's. because it's just like a flan.

Except longer, slightly comfier, and actually a dog house.

eat flaan

there's no party like a ditto

pizza party

Dogs have things to celebrate.

They work hard all day long, looking cute and sniffing butts. It's about time we recognize them for their efforts.

throw a pizza party
  • When life shuts a door, scratch at it until someone opens it again.

Pets are people too.

They have the same likes, dislikes, dreams, fears, tastes, irrational anxieties, and all that other stuff that makes people, people. So let’s treat them like people.

spoil your people
  • Designed for pets

    Pets shouldn’t just be grateful for anything we give them. That’s an outdated way of thinking. Your pets are your roommates, friends, and family. So when it comes to their stuff, what they want comes first.

  • Created with pets

    High-energy pets. Low-energy pets. Picky pets. Shy pets. Smart pets. Not-so-smart pets. Pets of all personality types were consulted, considered, and ultimately called upon to decide which prototype moved forward.

  • Approved by pets

    Every product has been thoroughly sniffed, scratched, and tasted by real pets from real families. We could call it a rigorous testing process, but that would be a disservice to how much fun they had doing it.

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